Missals from Iram

Liturgical books from a lost city.

A headache-inducing attempt at deriving vocabulary with James Ruggles’s Universal Language:

hopovszdxn seksxn

/hɔpɔvsodaʊ̯n seɪ̯ksaʊ̯n/

hop-ovs-x-d-x-n seks-x-n

incline-course-Ø-UNL-ABSTR-NOM sex-ABSTR-NOM

"Sexual inclination-course [or direction]"

"Sexual orientation"

The abbreviation “UNL” stands for “unlimited”, a special type of determiner used for categories and concepts.

And I just cannot figure out what that <z> represents - it seems to be a sort of epenthetic phoneme or interfix that’s always found in nouns between the root and the determiner - but does that mean it’s a null morpheme, or what marks a noun as a noun? After all, it’s not found in adnouns (as Ruggles terms the category generally covering what we call adjectives), like “seksxn”.

Also, this isn’t a true compound - <ovs> is a sort of affixed pronoun indicating course or direction, not an independent root.

rezzzonked asked: You should read "The Quickening: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih", or "Adam's Wish: Unknown Poetry of Tahirih"... My sister tells me they're very good! Also, felicitations due - it's the birthday of the Báb today!

Yeah, I actually saw both of those on Google Books while looking for English translations of her works! I’ll have to obtain copies of them sometime. And yes, felicitations! It’s funny that I happened to revisit this topic on this day.

So I had read about Táhirih but I had never actually read any of her poetry. I’m just downright enthralled by it. I’m gonna get sucked back into a vortex of Bábism.

Just let the wind untie my perfumed hair,
my net would capture every wild gazelle.

Just let me paint my flashing eyes with black,
and I would turn the day as dark as hell.

Yearning, each dawn, to see my dazzling face,
the heaven lifts its golden looking glass.

If I should pass a church by chance today,
Christ’s own virgins would rush to my gospel.

— “Just Let the Wind…” by Fatimah Baraghani (1817-1852), more commonly known as Táhirih or Qurrat-ul-Ayn

A preview of the wackiness of Ruggles’s language:


/bɔnormjponfas/ (The phonetic level is a different story…)



"They [feminine] will pretend not to be good enough."

Or, make a little tweak:


"They [feminine] will be made to pretend not to be good enough."

Or perhaps “Someone will make them [feminine] pretend not to be good enough.”

I’ve barely been able to work on it all week, but if I ever complete this description/analysis of James Ruggles’s Universal Language, it’ll be something to submit to the LCS’s Fiat Lingua or talk about at a Language Creation Conference, I imagine…

The Báb’s tablets to Mullá Husayn and Quddús, the first and eighteenth Letters of the Living.